Simple intuitive UI

Typography, spacing and all elements fit together perfectly for a great aesthetic sense and feeling.

Fully cloud based

Available from anywhere at any time. No hardware operating costs.

Custom meetings links

Personalize your meeting ID and URL names.

Affordable scalability

Modular flat-rate pricing makes for cost effective growth.

Text chat

Fully interactive public group chat or private messages.

File sharing

Share files of any format right within your conference.

Share video content

Engage your audience with content from YouTube.

Device agnostic

Connect from any phone, tablet, or mobile device.

Email invitations

Invite attendees and schedule meetings with ease.

Advanced scheduling

Advanced scheduling features for events, automated emails, etc.

Multi-user whiteboard

Share and explain complex concepts, interactively.

Spam control

Ban users straight from the chat or mute it temporarily.

Custom iOS/Android app

Your own branded apps for your white label system.

GDPR compliant

Compliant of all data storage and EU email laws.

Landing/Thank you pages

Create landing pages that allow for registration and follow up steps.

Superior support

24/7 premium Level 2 support helpdesk.

Massive scaling

Broadcast your message to 100s or 1000s.

Hand raise

Call on engaged students with 'hand raise' — for organized participation.

Breakout rooms

Split classes into sub-groups for classwork before pulling students back into the room.


Manage who enters your meeting when, by setting up a lobby for your meeting.